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    11/01/2019 07:00 - Europe/Brussels
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The laboratory:


The Nicolae Cajal Institute of Titu Maiorescu University and the Center of Excellence in Translational Medicine of Fundeni Clinical Institute, Bucharest, Romania is dedicated to translational research. English is spoken in the lab and we hold our lab meetings in English.


The context:

Beta cells replacement is considered a promising cure for diabetes (Type I). This therapy, however, is hindered by lack of tissues from compatible donors. In recent years, trans-differentiation (TD) - direct adult cell reprogramming into a different cell type, is becoming a promising direction towards autologous transplantations. Prof. Ferber’s group in Israel has been the first to demonstrate that liver cells can be reprogrammed into pancreatic, insulin producing cells (IPCs), by ectopic expression of pancreatic transcription factors (pTFs). The present project aims to generate autologous insulin producing cells derived from the diabetic patients’ liver, delineate the mechanism of the reprogramming process and analyze the generated cells functionality in pre-clinical setting.

 The position and the Candidate’s profile: Post-doc - CS


A 2-year full time position (with possibility of extending this period) is open in the team of regenerative medicine in Diabetes under the supervision of Prof Sarah Ferber for a highly motivated and talented senior Doctor (working experience abroad is appreciated). The Postdoctoral Researcher will be part of the project <<Autologous cell replacement therapy for diabetic patients by liver cells transdifferentiation>> funded from Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020 Priority Axis 1 – Research, Technological Development and Innovation (Rd&I) To Support Economic Competitiveness and Business Development, Action 1.1.4. Attracting high-level personnel from abroad in order to enhance the RD capacity.

The available technological facilities are: equipped tissue culture labs, mRNA sequencing and shared equipment and instrumentation: FACS for analysis and sorting; QPCR machine, Elisa plate reader. See: http://erris.gov.ro/CENTER-OF-EXCELLENCE-IN-TRAN for more information.


Eligibility criteria:

- University PhD degree in the field of Medicine, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology

(With 3-4 years, relevant experience) Life Sciences or Medical Sciences; (Post-Doc out of Romania is appreciated)


- Relevant research knowledge within the research field of molecular biology, primary cell culture, adult cells reprogramming, (ESC, liver, pancreas, diabetes are appreciated)

- Prior activity which demonstrates vested interest in research

- The ability to analyze and synthesize scientific articles data

- Language skills: Excellent English;

- The applicant is expected to be independent and capable of leading, mentoring and being responsible on a research group of 3-4 scientists (PhD students and technicians/research technicians).

Candidates are evaluated and ranked on merit by the evaluation committees. The application file consists in:

The application, CV and cover letter in English

Copies of documents attesting the applicant's level of study and other documents attesting the applicant's performed specializations as follows:

a. Curriculum vitae and list of publications

b. Copies of the ID document

c. Copies of documents attesting the expertise in the requested field

d. Motivational / Cover letter in English;

e. Names of two references or Recommendation letters


Procedure for submitting required documents

Before the closing date for applications, candidates may submit the application documents at the following e-mail address: address sarahferber@gmail.com, diacure@univ.utm.ro

No files can be added after the deadline for submitting applications.

Evaluation consists in: written test, practical test and interview.


Submit the electronic files: January 11th 2019.

Interview and evaluation of the application files: : January 18th 2019

Contestation: January 25th 2019


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