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Welcome to Albanian EURAXESS portal!



A resource for foreign researchers who plan to come to Albania. Whether you are looking for information about work, study or everyday life in Albania, EURAXESS Albania covers all matters relating to your professional and daily life, job and funding opportunities.

EURAXESS Albania is a member of the European Commission initiative, gathering more than 500 service centres and contact points assisting EU and non-EU researchers in 40 countries. All services of the EURAXESS Network are free of charge.

The objective of the EURAXESS Service Centre Albania is to assist researchers and their families during their period of mobility, in all matters relating to their professional and daily lives, helping them to reach adequate services for their needs, as well as to assist the core contact points in research institutions and inform a wider group of contact points about matters of interest to mobility.

Contact us and ask for information:

EURAXESS Service Centre Albania

National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation

Address: St “Papa Gjon Pali” No 3, Tirana, Albania

Postal Code: TR-1001-AL


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