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Albania Network and About Us




EURAXESS Albania Network


EURAXESS Albania Network is part of the European EURAXESS-Researchers in Motion Portal, a joint initiative of the European Commission and 40 partner countries.

Its purpose is to guide and assist researchers who plan to make research visits or to move to Albania, through practical information and links to relevant organisations and on-line resources.


Contact Person:

Evis Tasellari:Phone +355 4 2222409


EURAXESS Service Centres in Albania provides free and personalized assistance on the challenges faced by researchers and their families when relocating.

National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation is the only Service Center in Albania that provides mobile researchers and their families customized assistance in all matters relating to their mobility experiences.

About Us

National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation

The National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation (NASRI) based  on theDecision of Council of Ministers (DCM)No. 607 dated 31.08.2016is a public, legal institution under the competences of the Ministry of Education Sports and Youth in Albania. NASRI aims to build a modern system of science, strengthen of research and technology, as well as their integration inside the higher education system.

NASRI facilitates the exchanging of knowledge, mutual activities and partnership within and outside the country.

NASRI is a is the national coordinator for Horizon 2020 and Euroaxess also NASRI is coordinating and guiding structure which cooperates with institutions in the field of science and technology for sustainable development of the country, in line with national priorities, development of scientific and technological policies and management of Research and Development (R&D) institutes.

The mission of the NASRI is to evaluate, finance, monitor and manage programs and projects in the fields of science, technology and innovation in Albania. NASRI aims to fund projects in the field of Small and Medium Business as well as transfer, modernization and renewal of their technologies.


The vision of NASRI is to enhance science and technology, in accordance with national priorities, by developing the collaboration with institutions and subject in the field of R&D.

Main Duties

NASRI support, monitor and evaluate programs and projects in the fields of science, technology and innovation in the country. Along with the implementation of its mission, NASRI accomplishes the following tasks:

-To cooperate with ministries and other institutions in implementing the National Strategy of Science, Technology and Innovation (NSTI) 2017-2022approved by Council of Ministers Decision No. 701 dated 1.12.2017 and to promote research in this field;

  -To give financial support to programs and projects of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), in accordance with the priorities defined by the Council of Ministers, based on the assessment made by the relevant commissions;

-To develop application procedures for the preliminary evaluation, monitoring, and final assessment of the programs and projects of STI; 

-To monitor and to evaluate activities of STI, at the national level;

 -To create and enrich continuously, the database of the analysis and documentation of the STI system; 

-To offer technical assistance to all of the institutions in regard to investments in the field of STI; 

-To promote the setting up of all levels of STI structures; 

-To promote the cooperation with the private sector in the fields of STI;  

-To promote, give expertise, coordinate and monitor the bilateral and multilateral cooperation with EU, foreign countries and international organizations in the field of STI;

-To implement governmental policies which have on focus the qualified scientists, research teams and centres of excellence, in the field of STI;

-To implement governmental policies encouraging student and young scientists to participate in the activities in the field of STI;

-To implement governmental policies on brain gain and the engagement of the Albanian intellectual Diaspora in the development of education, science, public administration and the private sector;

-To offer technical support for the executive and legislative institutions, in improving the fulfilment of the necessary legal framework and legal acts in the field of STI.

NASRI’s Governing Board

The Governing Board is a collegial decision making body, which is approved by the Council of Ministers Decision No. 607 dated 31/08/2016 and is leaded by the Minister of Education of Sports and Youth. The Board function based on the principle “one member one vote” and holds not less than six meetings per year.

NASRI’s Structure

The Director General of NASRI is the head of the institution and represents it in relations with the third parties

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