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    Stefan Batory State University
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    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    31/07/2020 12:00 - Europe/London
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Institution: Stefan Batory State University, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Institute of Law and Security Sciences

City: Skierniewice

Position: assistant professor

Type of employment contract and work time: contract of employment, full-time employment

Science: Social Sciences

Scientific discipline: Political Science and Public Administration

Posted: 30.06.2020

Application deadline: 31.07.2020

Competition final results: 06.08.2020 (employment from 1 October 2020)

University website: www.pusb.pl

Additional information: The application and documents should be submitted personally or by post to the following postal address:

Stefan Batory State University

Ul. Batorego 64C; 96-100 Skierniewice

Contact phone: 46 8344001, e-mail: rektorat@pusb.pl

It is possible to apply online, with the documents signed with trusted or qualified e-signature

Key words: human rights, constitutional system founding rules in the Republic of Poland, public economic law

Job description:

The Candidate for this position must meet the requirements of art. 113 of the Higher Education Act of 20 July 2018 (Dz. U. 2020.85 as amended).

The Candidate should have the PhD degree in Social Science in the field of Political Science and Public Administration or Law Sciences. The Candidate is expected to have scientific interests regarding institutional and legal aspects of managing and running economic and administrative activity. The Candidate must have experience in conducting classes for BA and MA students, supervising BA and MA theses, as well as organizational work at the University. They should also have practical experience in the areas of management, law or finance, administration, as well as the right to perform regulated professions in the area of finance or law. Additionally, the Candidate must be able to use e-learning platforms for distance learning.

Employment at the Stefan Batory State University as the principal place of work will be considered preferable.

Applicants must submit the following documents in Polish:

  • a job application addressed to His Magnificence Rector of the Stefan Batory State University, indicating the competition number
  • CV,
  • forms available on the University website:

- personal data form,

- a declaration that the Candidate meets the requirements of Article 113 of the Act,

- a declaration that Stefan Batory State University will or will not be the Candidate's principal place of employment within the meaning of the Act,

- the Candidate's consent for their personal data to be processed,

- information on personal data processing for a job applicant

  • a document confirming the Candidate's foreign language competence (a certificate, a declaration)
  • lists or copies of documents certifying (unless included in the CV or personal data form):
  1. academic (or artistic) achievements
  2. didactic achievements
  3. organizational achievements
  4. employment record
  5. education level - copies of diplomas

Additional information:

  1. In the case of a larger number of applicants, job interviews with selected persons are possible. The Candidate covers the cost of his/her travel and stay.
  2. The University does not return documents submitted in the course of the recruitment process. Should the Candidate withdraw his/her consent for their personal data to be processed, the competition board officially destroys the documents that have been submitted.
  3. The University reserves the right to withdraw from the competition without giving the reasons.
  4. Winning the competition by the Candidate does not oblige the University

    to employ them.

  5. Competition documentation is stored in accordance with the rules of non-archival documentation storage at the Stefan Batory State University.


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Stefan Batory State University
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